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"Three years ago my little girl 's voice didn't sound the same. Time after time doctors. Finally she was not, so I kept going to different doctors. Finally she was diagnosed with Papiloma, and I wasted to come today because this team of doctors are the only ones that can really help us."

Mother: Eileen G. 

Patient Age 5: Naomi M. 

"Since the doctors removed the trash, I have felt very alleviated, happy and thankful to God and the doctors that operated on me" 

Patient: Wilmer

"I've come from very far... We've taken three buses to get here. We were here last year to see the team of doctors and thankfully they operated and were able to remove his trash. Now he is under observation, but the Doctors have expressed that he is going to be healthy! I am so grateful for you all and everything you are doing to help the children. 

Mother: Ana R. 

Patient: Francis S. 

"My baby went into septic shock and then suffered from pneumonia, resulting in a tracheotomy. The local doctors referred me to come see Dr. Hartnick and his team as they are the greatest hope for my baby. 


Patient 3 Months: Axel H. 

"We came from far to have the opportunity to see these doctors that have the ability of operating on our son. After two screenings we received the great news that they will be able to operate!" 


Father: Equisavas S. 

Mother: Deisy S.  

Patient: Erick S. 

"Victor is a 9-year-old boy from El Salvador, and just like other boys his age, he has a very active and very happy personality. He lives with his mom and his two sisters. His father passed away when Victor was just a baby. To support the family his mother, Veronica, and older sister sell paper flowers in the streets. Life has not been easy for the family; every day is a battle to make ends meet. There are days where the earnings are not enough; food is scarce, and more often than not they go hungry. The day we met Victor’s mom, she had not eaten anything for the whole day. The family situation became even harder after Victor was born. He was diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. He was only a newborn when he had his first surgery, and after repeated treatments, Victor suffered from a narrowing of his airway. Victor’s life was never going to be the same, he got constantly tired,  and could not run or play like other boys. Victor felt like he was always gasping for air and sports became an unreachable dream. At school, he suffered from bullying and discrimination. One of the saddest moments, for him, was when his teacher started calling him “the caterpillar” because she thought he was always slow.  However, none of these problems stopped him from being the sweet, kind boy that he is. Today a new life begins for Victor and his family… He had a Laryngotracheal Reconstruction, and for the first time in years he can breathe again"


We met Joselin when she was only 12 years old; she had suffered from a gunshot wound to the throat. After a long surgical intervention, Joselin's doctors were able to save her life. However, her life was never going to be the same. Joselin had lost the ability to eat and speak. She now required a gastric feeding tube to get nutrients into her body. Local doctors in El Salvador did all they could to help her, yet she kept losing weight. Three months after her accident, Joselin had lost 20 kilos. Thankfully, her surgeon knew about Operation Airway and helped make the arrangements so Joselin could travel to the US, to have her surgery at Shriners. Today Joselin is able to eat and speak; she is back in school;  her whole life is ahead of her. 


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