Screening & DETECTION


  • A child who is hoarse or having difficulty breathing visits the pediatrician.​​

  • It may take some time (especially if the child is “just” hoarse and is not having breathing problems) for the child to be sent to a pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat ("ENT") Doctor to make a diagnosis.

  • Once at the Pediatric ENT, a small camera scope is passed through the child’s nose to give the doctor a look at the child’s vocal chords.

  • Upon inspection, if growths appear on the vocal chords, the child is scheduled for an airway endoscopy (“Laryngoscopy” or “Bronchoscopy”) in the operating room so the doctor can take a closer look and perform a biopsy to confirm a diagnosis of Juvenile Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis ("JRRP").

  • If the diagnosis is JRRP, then the parents (or caregivers) and the doctor will discuss what JRRP is, how it is treated (the range of choices and options) and develop a treatment plan.

  • The parent(s) must contact their doctor if their child becomes short of breath, if the hoarseness worsens, if snoring increases, or if there are any changes that seem concerning.